Enjoy the ultimate wellness experience in the comfort of your own home or preferred location.

Combines the therapies of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage for a customised therapy session. Therapeutic pressure can be applied lightly or deep pressure. Depending on the needs of each area of the body along with targeted stretching therefore loosens tight muscles and joints. A truly unique experience.

Ice Therapy is a treatment that converts stored fat into energy, reducing measurements, firming, toning, detoxifying and targeting unwanted fat. Thermogenesis is a part of ice therapy. It’s a process that creates heat when cold is applied to the body. This process helps burn your adipose tissue (white fat cells). 

Ice sculpting triggers thermogenesis so stored fat can start to diminish. Sculpting along with a technique application, will help reduce sizes, contour the body and tones your skin.

Detox and reset experience that consists of a full body detox drainage massage, facial drainage, a detox sauna blanket and body wrap, wood therapy, and vibration therapy. The ultimate personalised wellness experience.

Nurturing mother to be pre and post natal massage. Holly’s specialised calming and relaxing pre and post natal massage will ease away any tension and help relieve tension. This message is personalised to your needs and designed to leave you feeling totally relaxed. Upgrade to an iS Clinical facial to enhance the relaxation and wellness experience.

HM Signature Shirodhara is a more relaxed and therapeutic head massage experience that offers immense physical and mental benefits. warm oil is poured over the third eye giving incredible benefits to the hair while soothing the mind. A warm foot massage is also included to complete this wonderful experience.