Looking after our wellbeing

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Looking after our wellbeing has never been so important.  Although currently, everyday life may look slightly different, our physical and mental health remain a top priority.  There are many ways we can still tend to our minds and bodies.  And we can do this whilst cocooning, during the age of isolation.

It’s essential to top up that vitamin D. Continue those walks. Perhaps try new routes that were never on your to-do list.  Appreciating what nature has to offer will give us a rush of endorphins, paramount for pain and stress relief.  And vitamin D is ideal for enhancing bone, teeth and muscle health.

Yoga is another welcome well-being addition

It helps to increase metabolism, as well as improving muscle strength and tone.  It also helps to focus the mind, as well as improving and regulating breathing. Applying Painnomore, £13.95, from perfectminispa.com, before or after yogic stretching, eases stiffness and tension. It also offers a personal quick fix to aches and pains. It includes an amazing aroma, which helps to aid meditation. Meditation eases the senses, and helps anxiety and tension headaches. It’s a marvellous introduction to wellbeing.

As well as having anti-inflammatory properties, taking Aloe vera internally will help soothe complications which cause colon stresses, such as IBS. Perfect Aloe Matrix, £29.95, exclusively available at perfectminispa.com, eliminates toxins, which in turn help to encourage gastrointestinal health. Simply take one tablet before bed.

During these times of uncertainty, relish the extra time you have.  And remember, it is so important to tend to your self-care.

Deep breathing, and getting an abundance of fresh air, water, and sleep, are essential to help to you to adapt to new situations. They are also perfect for keeping you hydrated and grounded.

Self-care is an act of self-compassion and empowerment, especially to those who are already find it difficult to identify when some of their own basic needs are not being met.  The act of practicing self-care is about recognising what we need mentally, spiritually and physically, before we reach the point of exhaustion.

By Michelle Easter
Former BA and Easy Jet Cabin Crew

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