Sleep tight, wake up and embrace the day

We’ve all been there; staring at the dreaded alarm, wondering how we’re going to get through the day on just four hours sleep; and what’s more, scratching our heads as to how, or why, it’s got to this point.

It’s understandable that we may be losing more sleep than ever during these uncertain times. Coronavirus has impacted so many areas of our lives that it is inevitable our sleeping pattern will be affected.

What can happen as a result of lack of sleep: Feeling tired after you’ve woken up, becoming irritable throughout the day and finding it difficult to focus on the simplest of tasks.

What’s available on the market for the up to 30% of us who find sleep a bigger mountain to climb than Ben Nevis?

CBD could be an effective weapon in the war against sleep disorders. Scientists and doctors are starting to consider the therapeutic benefits of CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol.

Whilst CBD derives from hemp, which is related to the marijuana plant (otherwise known as weed), it’s known primarily for it’s remedial benefits rather than having a high psychoactive element, which gives you a ‘high’.

CBD is known for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, as cannabinoids encourage balance and stability in the nervous system. A small dose may be initially prescribed and then slowly increased depending on each individuals requirements. suggests that whilst research for the efficacy of CBD is still very much in it’s infancy, some professionals are considering that the oil may help to reduce anxiety, which, especially during this pandemic, is a major cause of insomnia.

The beauty industry has also taken this relatively new products under its wing as it’s becoming known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties:

Perfect Mini Spa are delighted to stock CBD skin care products such as serums, moisturising creams and Herbal Teas. By visiting you are able to order or request a virtual consultation they also provide incredible treatments to support mindfulness and aid a better sleep.

If an irregular sleep is an ongoing issue, it’s important to consult a doctor as they can devise an individual treatment plan for your needs.
You may feel helpless when it comes to COVID-19, but you need not have to suffer many more sleepless nights.

By Michelle Easter
Former BA and Easy Jet Cabin Crew

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